Announcement: Poetry to be discontinued

by on Jan 15, 2017 in Blog | 2 comments

For the foreseeable future, Apex Magazine will be closed to poetry submissions. While we might still publish the occasional poem, we do not expect to open to unsolicited poetry work for awhile.

We are extremely proud of the poetry we’ve published over the years. During that time, several of them have earned nominations for the prestigious Rhysling Award as well as winning. Apex Magazine has been blessed to have outstanding poetry editors over the last seven years, and we thank all of them for their hard work. One editor deals with 100 to 150 submissions a month! It’s tough and underappreciated work.

Bianca Spriggs, our current poetry editor, is stepping down. She was offered a position as associate fiction editor (some might say she was begged to take the position because Bianca is awesome and a force of nature), but ultimately had to pass due to her own growing career as editor and writer. We wish Bianca nothing but the greatest success, starting with the poetry anthology she edited with Katerina Stoykova-Klemer that is due out from Apex Publications in 2017!

Note to writers: Any poetry that is currently in our Moksha submission queue will be sent back to you today or tomorrow.


  1. My status still is listed as Archived, and I have not received my poem. Does this mean I am possibly going to be featured for Apex?

    • Hi Sara,

      We released your story. So technically it wasn’t rejected. Just sent back since we’re out of the poetry business for now.


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