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I received Cat’s final story selections yesterday for her last issue (October). Kind of a sad moment… knowing that she and I won’t be working together much longer on the magazine. That magnetism you see on her blog and when you meet her in person extends to the business side as well. She’s a complete joy.

But onward and upward we must continue, right?

Having received Cat’s final choices, that meant the stories she had been holding for further consideration or review needed to be released (I guess the technical term is ‘rejected’) back to the authors. I’ve received a couple of emails from these authors who expected a personal response since we had held the stories for 4-6 months wanting to know what’s what. Normally, you *probably* would have received a personal rejection notice, but we’re talking nearly 100 stories. Thus the form notices.

Our standing policy is that our editors are not required to provide feedback. I’ve encountered too many sensitive, combative writers who responded to our editorial critiques with personal attacks, insults, and anger. That’s not something I want to force my staff to deal with, so anytime you receive personal commentary from our editors you’ve done something notable (meaning they want to see more of your work or they thought your story was good but not right for us).

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