2012 Apex Magazine Cover Art of the Year Readers’ Poll

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In 2012, Apex Magazine produced 12 fantastic issue covers. We would like you, our readers, to choose your favorite. Last Friday we ended our story of the year readers’s poll. Now it is time we give the talented artists we employ some deserved attention. The artist with the most votes will receive a nice frame certificate signed by a grateful editor (Lynne M. Thomas) and grateful publisher (Jason Sizemore) and a free Apex T-shirt.

Naturally, the accompanying fame and glory will be something to behold.

Please vote for your one favorite work from 2012. For quick reference, we’ve included links to each piece of art along with artist name.

The poll runs from February 18th through 11:59pm (EST) March 1st. We look forward to seeing the final results!

Aunia Kahn — Apex Magazine #43
Nicoletta Ceccoli — Apex Magazine #42
Carrie Ann Baade — Apex Magazine #41
Julie Dillon — Apex Magazine #40
Ekaterina Zagustina — Apex Magazine #39
Bruce Holwerda — Apex Magazine #38
Ken Wong — Apex Magazine #37
Naoto Hattori — Apex Magazine #36
Raúl Cruz — Apex Magazine #35
Julie Dillon — Apex Magazine #34
Donato Giancola — Apex Magazine #33
Stephen Segal et al — Apex Magazine #32


Choose your 1 favorite Apex Magazine cover art from the year 2012 here.


  1. Bruce Holwerda #38 ..I saw his work in person years ago…I find his style to be very compelling. It has a playfulness that is mysterious and alluring simultaneously. His color usage is great, as well as composition. I am an Art Education student from Michigan, and I have seen what I feel is a great deal of varying styles. I have been a fan of Sandman as well as Kabuki comic books from the past..and I have never experienced Apex yet, so it looks like I will be checking you out!

  2. Bruce Holwerda Apex#39

  3. I graduated with Bruce’s sister.

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