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Interview with Betsy Phillips, author of “Frank”

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Interview by Stephanie Jacob SJ: When we first start reading “Frank” there is a sense of normalcy. But in a few paragraphs we are given our first indication that this story is far from normal. “I could drive on out of here and be so far gone by the time he got back he’d never be able to find me.” I don’t say nothing. If she runs, I’ll have to bring her back. She can’t be hid enough that I can’t find her.” Can you describe how the idea for the story was developed? Do you begin with a basic idea for a plot or begin with a character that begs to be written? BP: “Frank” started simply enough. I wanted to try to write from the perspective of a man, to spend some...

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by Betsy Phillips She’s sitting behind the wheel of that old white F-150. She’s got that Mexican blanket thrown over the vinyl seat, so you can bear to sit on it in this heat. She tells me she has never driven stick before. She’s sitting right up on the edge of the seat, one long leg pressing down on the clutch, the other knee high up as if she isn’t sure where to put her foot. She leans into the steering wheel and turns the key. She’s wearing a light green tank top with a dusty white blouse over it and white denim shorts streaked with dirt. She is brown from the summer sun, freckles dotted across her face. Her blonde hair is falling out of a loose braid. Her sunglasses...

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