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by on Mar 22, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

6,000 words On Sunday when Dolly awakened, she had olive skin and black-brown hair that fell in waves to her hips. On Tuesday when Dolly awakened, she was a redhead, and fair. But on Thursday — on Thursday her eyes were blue, her hair was as black as a crow’s-wing, and her hands were red...

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Death Flowers of Never-Forgotten Love

by on Mar 15, 2016 in Short Fiction | 1 comment

1,800 words He rests like frozen time in the coffin—his face embalmed to wax, his cheeks flushed to rouge and an ever-sparkling smile on lips I’d kissed only days ago. Family and friends file by his body muttering inconsequentials, disbelief. “He looks so life-like” they say, even though...

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Screaming Without a Mouth

by on Mar 7, 2016 in Short Fiction | 1 comment

4,300 Words HIRONORI Sun, Dec. 1, 08:57 Want to meet me at Lawson’s? Kasumi’s funeral is today. Oh, sorry, Yukiko. I forgot. How about tomorrow? I can’t think about that now! My best friend just died! Sun, Dec. 1, 11:34 Kasumi was nice. A little weird, but nice. Come on, Yukiko. You need...

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Agent of V.A.L.I.S.

by on Mar 1, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

8,200 Words Philip K. Dick — American author (1928-1982) of many novels and short stories. In later years Dick began to believe he was in touch with a cosmic intelligence, which he called V.A.L.I.S. He also believed that the year was 50 A.D. and that the Roman Empire “never ended.” Jesus...

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Glitch Rain (Excerpt)

by on Feb 23, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

Back cover copy: Akuba is a low-level hacker for the city’s wealthy, making just enough to keep her bills paid and her booze flowing. Her job is to scrub the social feeds for faces who don’t want to be seen, hanging out at parties to guard the elite from errant social media...

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On the Occasion of My Retirement

by on Feb 22, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

Thank you all—faculty and students, deans and provosts, Ms. President and our board, community members and honored guests for coming today. I suppose I’ll begin with a few prefatory remarks about the recent events in my life. My appearance here, and my mode of dress, and even my manner...

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