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Cottage Country

by on May 9, 2016 in Short Fiction | 5 comments

5,800 words I had come into some money and with it, purchased four hundred acres of land. I signed the lease in early fall, when the forest was a patchwork quilt of color. It was old-growth outside of Sudbury, east of the airport. On a clear day, you could spot the plume from the Inco...

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by on May 3, 2016 in Short Fiction | 1 comment

It was a bright day in May, and the clocks were striking twelve. I had no idea why I’d been summoned to the Head’s study. Dr. Treadwell had four clocks there, each a present from a grateful pupil. We heard the chapel clock everywhere in Dean House, deep and reverent, ordering the school...

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The Quidnunx

by on Apr 20, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

14,400 words One: Bird Aptrick’s Word Bird Aptrick said an awful word. There are big curse words and little curse words in anybody’s language. A little cursing isn’t hardly cursing at all. A child could do it and everyone round the supper table would laugh, turn red, and stick a bun in...

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The Faery Handbag

by on Apr 19, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

8,000 Words I used to go to thrift stores with my friends. We’d take the train into Boston, and go to The Garment District, which is this huge vintage clothing warehouse. Everything is arranged by color, and somehow that makes all of the clothes beautiful. It’s kind of like if you went...

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Collecting James

by on Apr 15, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

4,100 Words   Two dozen seemingly identical chips rested atop small black stands, displayed on the shelves like treasure. James reached into the wide rosewood cabinet to inspect one of the pieces. It was the size of a thick poker chip. An almost perfect circle of bone. He took it...

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The Laura Ingalls Experience

by on Apr 11, 2016 in Short Fiction | 1 comment

6,200 Words I am on fire. Around me smoke and orange sparks spiral upwards. I feel the heat deep in my titanium bones, but there’s no pain. For a moment, I want to fight the instincts that scream at me to pull away. I twist out of the flames as a hundred kilos of heroic wagon driver...

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