By Payette Lake

by on Jun 24, 2016 in Poetry | 0 comments

I stood on the shore of the lake and became a tree, Gave up my heart for heartwood, Gave up my nerves for needles, Thrust my tangled veins into the wet sand, And wove them into roots for a strong, tall tree Like the ponderosas looming around me, I abandoned thoughts and hurts, Felt the...

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Ghost Plague

by on Jun 17, 2016 in Poetry | 0 comments

Passed the cemetery last night Thought I read my name Looked again at the stone It didn’t read the same Ghosts been plaguin’ my dreams Long as I can remember They’re tryin’ to talk to me But I can’t understand what they say Saw my great aunt Alma Wearin’ a white death’s shroud So many...

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Later, they found her journal

by on Jun 9, 2016 in Poetry | 0 comments

1. June 4, 1981 I held a flashlight under my chin Called my friends to the bathroom We stood in front of the mirror Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Nothing but our faces Laughing back at us 2. February 3, 2015 Go on Say it now Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary You had your eyes...

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The Perfect Planet

by on May 31, 2016 in Poetry | 1 comment

In my mind we’ve found you A million times — The brilliant aquamarine planet, Marbled as Earth but twice as gaseous, With seas deep as the Mariana Trench On the cusp of an explosion of life, Orbiting twin Suns double its size. The ice planet with a frosty ocean, Teeming with flora and...

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Mammon’s Cave

by on May 25, 2016 in Poetry | 0 comments

Truly, visitor, I blush that this is how you see me first. You must have been expecting more, something more like my estate on Earth. And were we there, I would show you all: the fountain carved from the largest diamond, cleaned of slaves’ blood and filled with soda; the room with walls...

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Before the Empire Goes Inter-Galactic

by on May 13, 2016 in Poetry | 0 comments

Back in our quadrant of the galaxy, Currently the most popular idea For the advancement of our culture Lies in conquering ever yet one more system: At which point our galactic empire Will be the largest we have ever known. It is nothing personal. We have no quarrel with you. There are no...

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