Interview with Cover Artist Ania Tomicka

by on Nov 9, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

Apex Magazine welcomes Ania Tomicka as our November cover artist, whose wonderful paintings redefine the ideas behind portraiture. With nearly all of her artwork titles being based on songs, Tomicka brings emotional depth to her many beautiful paintings. APEX MAGAZINE: This month’s Apex...

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Interview with Author E. Catherine Tobler

by on Nov 2, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with the works of E. Catherine Tobler. Fans of Apex Publications will know her latest unreal circus novella “The Kraken Sea,” and if you’ve searched out your favorite Apex Magazine authors, you’ve probably enjoyed more of their...

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

by on Nov 1, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

Let’s talk about Apex Magazine. Right now we’re in the middle of our annual subscription drive. Our hope is to raise $10000 with this year’s drive. As we did last year, we’ve set up a series of reward levels to thank our readers as we reach milestones on our way to hitting our goal. You...

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Words for Thought–November 2016

by on Oct 25, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

This Month’s “Words for Thought” is all about cities, houses, built environments, and the places we call home. As the weather turns colder, we all want some place safe to hunker down, but what are these places we call home? Are they really safe, and if so, for whom? The City Born Great...

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Interview with Cover Artist Denis Corvus

by on Oct 19, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

  This month’s Apex Magazine cover artist is Denis Corvus, whose art galleries are filled with visions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His piece for this month’s cover combines all of that, and much more. APEX MAGAZINE: Your cover piece for this month’s...

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Discovering Somnio: Interview with Travis Milloy

by on Oct 12, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

Somnio has been the darling of the independent film circuit this year. Even before it was completed, it won best screenplay at the Boston Sci-Film Festival, won the Audience Award at the Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival, and was an Official Selection at the London International...

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