The Once and Future Chief: Tecumseh in (Science) Fiction

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He was known by whites on both sides of the Atlantic as “the Indian Bonaparte,” “the Indian Wellington,” and even “the Indian King Arthur”—all sincere compliments from an Anglo perspective—even before his tragic battlefield death in 1813 ensured that his life and myth would remain...

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Interview with Author James Beamon

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There’s a lot of fiction out there that deals with “stuff” and “things.” The protagonist needs to get something back from someone else, or it’s very important that they give someone something, or they need to create something. A piece of artwork, an engagement ring, or a drug that allows...

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

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The beast that is 2016 is behind us. 2017 is a blank slate ready to be filled with our accomplishments. I believe issue 92 is a great place to place our pen to paper and write the story of the next twelve months. This is a special double issue created as a result of our annual...

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Words for Thought–January 2017

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A new year is upon us, bringing a chance for a fresh start. The year behind us was a grim one in many ways, and we’re not out of the dark yet, but these five stories speak to different ways of looking at power, fighting back within in imperfect world, and carry within them notes of...

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Remember the Future Past: An Interview with Author Michael A. Burstein and Filmmaker Klayton Stainer

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When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the Back to the Future movies. I was seven when the first one came out in July of 1985, and my dad, himself a film aficionado, took my younger sister and me to see it in the theaters. The first movie that my sister and I saw in the theater on our own...

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By the Cover

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They say you shouldn’t judge a book (or in this case, a magazine) by its cover, but sometimes … I mean, just every once in while … don’t you really want to? One of my tasks as managing editor is finding cover art for each issue. Today I want to share some of that art with you. If you...

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