Words for Thought–October 2016

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As we enter the Halloween season, it seemed appropriate for this month’s Words for Thought to look at stories about life beyond death. None are typical ghost stories, but they all deal with what comes next and what it means to be alive. They are quiet stories, threaded with rage...

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Interview with Author Alexandria Baisden

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I don’t handle grieving well. I don’t know what to say, or what to do, or if I’m doing any of it right. All of these sticky feelings get bottled up inside me and I don’t know how to process any of them, but I know I need to process them, somehow, before they get...

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Fifty Years of Star Trek: Interview with Lance Parkin

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As the world notes and celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, many books are coming out to commemorate the 1960s television series. These include novels, histories, and even a guide to the real universe (as noted by Apex Magazine back in July). One book that deserves our...

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Interview with Cover Artist Mélanie Delon

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This month’s Apex Magazine cover artist is Mélanie Delon, whose award-winning fantasy paintings have been featured in many publications worldwide. Delon’s work has been selected for the prestigious Spectrum annual, and she is a regular contributor to Imagine FX magazine. APEX MAGAZINE:...

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Words From the Editor-in-Chief

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Welcome to issue 88 – the post-MidAmericon2 issue! Typically, I don’t consider releasing a zine worthy of the title “Great Feat of Humankind.” But this one time, it should be allowed. I spent five wonderful days at MidAmericon2 meeting dozens upon dozens of our writers and fans. It’s the...

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Words for Thought–September 2016

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Welcome to September’s Words for Thought. The themes echoing through this month’s stories are water, transformation, and family — particularly the relationship between mothers and daughters. The Night Bazar for Women Becoming Reptiles by Rachael K. Jones in Issue #203 of...

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