Books Worth Your Time, Issue 94

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Books Worth Your Time is a new quarterly feature where the Apex Magazine editorial team discuss some of the good stuff they’ve read recently. We hope you find something good to read, too! ANDREA JOHNSON (Contributing Editor) Spells of Blood and Kin Claire Humphrey Thomas Dunne Books...

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Interview with Caroline Jamhour

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This month’s cover art comes from Caroline Jamhour, an artist who works with not only digital and traditional media, but also as a tattoo artist in Curitiba, Brazil. Influenced by mythology, mysticism, and the occult, Jamhour brings a sense of story and texture to her many works of...

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Interview with Author John Hornor Jacobs

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If you’re a NaNoWriMo-er, take note: John Hornor Jacobs created a rough draft one November, and it turned into his debut novel Southern Gods, which garnered him a Stoker nomination. Hornor followed that up with a short story collection, and five more novels, gaining him a Darrell Award,...

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

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Welcome to issue 94! The largest part of our original fiction this month is the novelette (10,100 words) “Luminaria” by John Hornor Jacobs. We originally bought the story as a reward tier for supporting our Fall subscription drive. Unfortunately, it wasn’t unlocked for our double issue...

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Words for Thought–March 2017

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Welcome to March’s Words for Thoughts. This month’s stories are apt for the current political climate, portraying tension between the self and the other, suspicion, distrust, but also healing and hope. Black Like Them by Troy L. Wiggins, published in Issue 39 of Fireside...

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Interview with Adrian Borda

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Apex Magazine is honored to once again feature artist Adrian Borda’s work as the cover piece for this month’s issue. Borda’s surreal figurative art was last featured on the cover of our April 2015 issue, and this month’s gorgeous Klimt-inspired piece wonderfully captures Borda’s unique...

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