Read the 2014 Aurealis Award-nominated “Falling Leaves” by Liz Argall

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The 2014 Aurealis Award nominees were announced today by Conflux, Inc., organizers of the 2014 Aurealis Awards. Apex is proud to have placed “Falling Leaves” by Liz Argall from Apex Magazine (issue 60) in the Best Young Adult Short Story category! You can read Liz’s nominated story for free in Apex Magazine here: Congratulations to all the nominees this year! You can find a full list in the announcement posted on the Aurealis Awards...

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Read the 2014 Nebula Award-nominated “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon

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The 2014 Nebula Award nominees were announced yesterday by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Apex is proud to have placed “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon from Apex Magazine in the Best Short Fiction category! You can read Ursula’s fantastic story for free in Apex Magazine here: You can listen to Ursula’s fantastic story for free in the Apex Magazine Podcast here: Congratulations to all the nominees this year! You can find a full list at the SFWA announcement. Last year, the Apex Magazine story “If You Were a Dinosaur, My...

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Clavis Aurea #24: A.C. Wise, Rich Larson, Caroline Yoachim

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Let it not ever be said that kids have it easy. Youth is a wonderful thing, but a thing so wonderful that everybody wants a piece of it. If it’s not Fox pumping Shirley Temple for dimples and giggles, it’s Lady Bathory bathing in the blood of virgins. We’re obsessed with the ideal of able-bodied vigor that is thought to accompany youth. It is those who possess it who are at the most risk from those who would exploit it – and that’s just in real life. Fiction, at least, lets us explore the costs and consequences of that obsession. The Lion and the Unicorn by A.C. Wise “The Lion and the Unicorn” by A.C. Wise (Lackington’s #5) dives right into Bathory territory with...

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Clavis Aurea #23: Mari Ness, Richard Bowes, Kate Heartfield

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I think we can all agree that the internet is a miracle. The ability to connect at a moment’s notice to people and information has become so integral to our lives that access is considered a basic human right in several countries. It’s jarring how quickly it has become so thoroughly embedded in our society – within my lifetime, and I am not so very old. It’s no wonder every single inter-generational gathering on the planet involves at least one attempted intervention to save someone from the assumed perils of too much internet. Unplug! See real people! We’ve all become antisocial! But internet life is unbelievably rich in the social. These...

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950 WORDS Our destination is mundane and so tranquil. Maybe that’s why we’ve stopped here; it’s the product of an uninspired journey. The air is still and the sun is waiting, and at a spot midway between a limb and the earth, a half–fallen leaf comes to a decision. Nothing moves. It’s at this instant that we know we’ve been found lacking. A quiet moment alone with ourselves tells us who we are. Perhaps it’s the whole point of the waiting. Neighbor eyes neighbor, each as helpless as the other. We deserve another chance, don’t we? The other guy thinks so too, but he can’t answer. Cold silence, snowflake–perfect. We could hear our own hearts if they were still beating....

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Promotional Postcards

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I wanted to share our new promotional postcards. I’m excited about them because they look awesome (Mekenzie Larsen designed the cards)! Each card has a limited run of 500 copies. One side contains a micro-short by a past Apex Magazine author. The cards are numbered and part of a ‘set’. Card #1, Set #1 has a story by Ursula Vernon. Card #2 has a story by Lettie Prell. There are spaces below the story for the author and editor to sign. The size is 5″x8″. The plan is to do 12 cards a year. One a month (finances allowing). How do you get the post cards? At conventions where an Apex editor or a postcard author is in attendance. You’ll get...

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