Clavis Aurea #31: 2015 Hugo Award edition (Novelette)

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The five stories nominated in the Hugos’ “Best Novelette” category represent science fiction’s mainstream better than the short story category. The three represented presses – Analog, Lightspeed, and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show – are all SWFA-qualifying venues with strong histories and plenty of awards among them. Unfortunately, the stories singled out this year don’t represent the best those magazines had to offer. The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale by Rajnar Vajra Analog is best-known as a venerable source of “hard”, or science-focused, science fiction, and, indeed, all three of its stories in this field feature a lot of explaining. To start with,...

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Apex Magazine Issue 76 to be special ‘world’ SF-themed

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We are pleased to announce that Apex Magazine will be publishing its second international SF-themed issue coming this September 1st. Issue 76, guest edited by Cristina Jurado, will feature Charles Tan, Zen Cho, and Saad Hossain among others. The Apex Book of World SF 4 anthology editors Lavie Tidhar and Mahvesh Murad will also be providing editorial contributions. Cristina Jurado is the editor of SuperSonic Magazine, an online magazine for the science fiction, fantasy and horror literature based in Spain for the Spanish-speaking market.  In 2014 she edited Alucinadas, the first anthology of SF short stories by women in Spanish, which is going to be translated into...

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Clavis Aurea #30: 2015 Hugo Awards edition (Short Fiction)

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I will not be coy and pretend I do not know that the contenders for this year’s Hugo Awards are controversial. The nominees in, especially, the short fiction categories have mostly been drawn from the “Rabid Puppies” slate: stories chosen to reflect the values of a vocal ideological minority in fandom, often published by them directly. These are stories that were largely unfamiliar to most readers of speculative fiction until very recently. I intend to vote in the Hugo Awards, and while I am well aware that voting “No Award” in the face of a slate offered in bad faith is an option preferred by many of my peers, I prefer to make my decisions armed with well-informed...

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“Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon wins Nebula Award!

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Congratulations are in order to Ursula Vernon as her story “Jackalope Wives” has won the Nebula Award for Best Short Fiction. For a full list of winners visit the SFWA announcement here: The Nebula Awards are voted on by active members of SFWA.

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Clavis Aurea #29 (Lisa L. Hannett, Zen Cho, Catherynne M. Valente)

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In a lot of more literary speculative fiction, the monsters are allegorical. Familiar creatures can be taken as shorthand for particular themes – unicorns for innocence, dragons for power and so on – in order to invoke a complex cultural history with the clever insertion of a symbol. There is a lot of this in short fiction, often to save the writer word count in her worldbuilding. It’s neat trick, but there’s something awe-inspiring about a really original monster. Unique morphology, cool abilities, and novel aesthetics go a long way on their own, often providing the hook in an otherwise familiar plot. Of course, even better is the strong, character-driven story with...

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“Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon picks up 2014 Cóyotl Award Nomination

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Ursula Vernon’s story “Jackalope Wives” has picked up another award nomination! The 2014 Cóyotl Awards has selected “Jackalope Wives” for Best Short Story. The Cóyotl (pronounced KAI-yeh-tuhl) Awards Recognizing Excellence in Anthropomorphic Literature were founded in 2012 to promote quality writing within the furry fandom. Visit the award’s announcement for a full list of...

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